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To clean photo lenses

One should clean a photo lens basically only in the extreme emergency, because any cleaning can arrange more damages than it can be good. Beside any cleaning streaks one can also damage very fast the vaporized bluish layer (reflecting decrease). Nevertheless, it can probably seem once that a cleaning queues.

In such case is to be gone forward extremely warily. First of all any dust on the lens is to be removed once. This happens best of all while one small hand bellows takes and here above the surface of the lens away blows, besides, hold the lens surface down. It is a matter of removing the dust first of all from the lens. Any immediate wiping would mean that one works like an effect like sandpaper on the lens surface and one wants to avoid this absolutely.

To go forward so warily as possible, only humid cleaning is possible!

In accessories and utensils you needs:

To hard rod, best of all one Abziehstäbchen to the optics cleaning, e.g., clean tips TW Texwipe ® Swabs (fa TexWipe)

Highly pure cotton cotton (e.g., ocular cotton DAB, KERMA, Germany or others), also Lens WHATMAN Cleaning Tissue 105 is not possible.

Points cosmetics-cellulose cloths, e.g., fa KLEENEX or Kim Wipes Soft

In trade cleansing liquid is offered over and over again, however, you can produce to yourselves a cleansing liquid also, namely:

10 ml distilled water approx.
5-10 drops dishwashing liquid (e.g., Fairy ultra, fit)

The composition of this cleansing mixture or tip comes not from me, but is borrowed from a publication of the company Zeiss, so from experts.

In case of that the procedure is too luxurious to you, there is of the companies Zeiss and Hama in each case Lens Cleaning Kit. Nevertheless, the liquids are very probably built up on similar base.

If then " humid cleaning" has happened, is to be paid attention then still absolutely to the fact that no streaks stay behind, so carefully with the cleansing cloth to dry.