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The word nature comes from the Latin natura what caused so much like "being born" means. A little further interpreted perhaps, all that was not created by man. Scientists also have another concept formulation and distinguish between the living world (such as plants, animals) and inanimate nature (stones, rocks).

Whether a living or inanimate, for the people that nature is now a high recreational value dar. Meanwhile more and more areas are designated as a nature reserve, this is very gratifying, it is also gratifying that the safeguards are resorting more and better.

You reach an enlarged picture representation if you click with a mouse click in the picture!


Old shepherd cart

Idyll out of a picture ... but if a shepherd today would like to live like that?


Lake in the forrest

As a recreational area for the Stuttgart every season always well attended and again a little walk.


Idyll in the countryside

A nice place to stay ....!


Marsh marigold

Even the shape of a bouquet of flowers, but too big!


Tree stump

The years survived, but still stable!