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In my photographic work I photograph what I like of course the same. Later I may, however, many of these images do not necessarily fit into one of my selected categories on this website. In this respect, I have a lot of pictures here housed under "Miscellaneous". However, I found many of these motifs interesting and worthwhile.

You reach an enlarged picture representation if you click with a mouse click in the picture!


Shattered columns in the Botanical Garden of Hohen

During a walk in the Botanical Garden at Hohenheim, Ludwig Uhland was to his ballad "The singer encouraged curse."


Old garages at the castle fort Bad Cannstatt

Formerly a barracks of the American army. Meanwhile, place for a long time, the garages look increasingly towards its decline.


Market Hall Stuttgart

Entering the market hall in Stuttgart, one immediately senses a touch of oriental bazaar. Exotic fruits, spices of all kinds hit counter visitors to taste and smell.


Old tractor

I have many years under their belts, but now I'm outdated ... and I'm retired!


Trojborg (Dänenmark)

Formerly a moated castle, the 14th Century was built. In 1407 Claus Limbeck sold the plant to Queen Margaret. A sale of the late owner Klaus. Knudsen L. to the Danish government failed. Today, the system falls more and more.


Derelict farmhouse in Großgoltern

Probably once a great and stately farm, today still left to decay.


Laundry Watchdog

Here I wake ....., because no washing away is coming! (Experience and seen in Iceland)


Child in a puddle of water

The weather ....! I have no problems, tell me, rather, whether the bucket is now full.


Gras roof

In Scandinavia the turf roofs are still found fairly often. It has always been important to find the right tilt of the roof. The water could not drain away too fast, but not stop even on the roof, but otherwise it was raining inside.


The window

NO ...., because we have a sense of shame and we do not show at the front!


Broom in an old monastery kitchen

The then age adjusted, broom sticks.



Meal, the table is set ...., please sit down.


All sorts of household goods

For a household and all sorts of things you need most!


Spinning-wheel and bed

NO, she has never done me the water-snake!


Fountain in front of the sparkling wine producer i

Eye-catcher and pride of the house of an old factory of sparkling wines in Esslingen am Neckar, the beautiful fountain with pulley.


Old house to the Ravenna-Ravin

Old house, the decline surrendered.