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Nodal point-adapter in-do-it-yourself

Before the beginning my intention was certain: I wanted to build only one respectable and robustly nodal point-adapter. The device had to go absolutely not wobbly and be free of vibrations. I liked the solutions shown on the Internet not at all. To a lot was there in the direction Tinker-solution and was accommodated adventurously.

From a metal-processing company I got myself to myself rest pieces in aluminium-level material of the strength 6 mm, which I then metrically fixed. Indeed, one can weld aluminium, but this can happen only in a special company and, moreover, is also rather expensive, So two individual parts differently had to be added, namely with a massive corner profile, of course also of aluminium.

To nowhere let originate mechanical weak points, I put extensively the screw connection connections in addition. Now it was a matter still for the real nodal point of training. Some camera manufacturers provide the data by an objective purchase immediately. If this is not the case, one must determine him himself. How one determines this nodal point, in addition there is extensively information on the Internet and on this point should not be entered here also further. A Spirit level should not be absent, place existed extensively, because thus an aid simply working help belongs on every nodal point-adapter. The appropriate property markets offer there anyway something.

To reach a comfortable work or to carry out a quick, but still sure camera assembly, I intended from the start a quick coupling. Today I can say that this assembly kind has proved itself very well and I can only recommend to this use. There where other still screw, I can already begin with my shots.

The costs are - up to the quick coupling seen - in the tolerable measure. I got the aluminium-rest pieces as a scrap metal free, I had a piece of corner profile still at home. If only the acquisition of the spirit level and the small parts came. I am extremely contented with my device and work with pleasure with this device especially everything practically to the use is laid out.

Yes I know, the device is maybe a little heavy as other nodal point-adapter, but quality also has his weight!

Nodal point-adapter in-do-it-yourself

Nodal point adapter with Quick-connect