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Angle finder (modifierd)

Angle finder (modifierd)
Winkelsucher modifiziert für Nikon D700

Am rechten Bildrand der ursprüngliche Montagewinkel.

Angle Finder for Nikon D700 modified. At the right edge of the original mounting brackets.

Sometimes you need an angle finder for once at "ground work". You mean when shooting near the ground such as macro shots of flowers, insects, etc., where such a device can have quite an advantage. Will you then take the matter more closely, this is how we quickly realized that the manufacturer (I have a Nikon D700), although this accessory in the range, but has a price that is beyond good and evil.

So far so good or not good. If one then the unit a little closer look to determine, it must be that the angle finder is to mount anything but user friendly. From the original construction of the rectangular eyepiece with mounting block, the manufacturer has gone away and this camera fitted with a screw thread and Round-eyepiece. At a mounting angle of the viewfinder so the round edge of frame with rubber sleeve dismantle once then the angle finder is fine with screwed in and tightened using a thumb wheel. When removing all goes again in the order backwards. Hopefully, you have until then the edge with a rubber sleeve version not yet lost!

Everything is connected with a lot of assembly work and anything but user friendly. What this meant to Nikon, the manufacturer has probably only ...., to the sales, because other brands or angle finder from previous types of camera manufacturer can not be reused. Actually, make up two annoyances:

a) once the high purchase price
b) the mounting circumstantial, and that weighs heavily

In the complicated form an angle finder so I could not pursue further, and began to help. I auctioned on Ebay me an old angle finder Leitz for the SL-camera. This angle finder is provided with an angled mounting bracket, which is plugged into the accessory shoe for flash. What works on the Leica must indeed work well and at the Nikon D700 I thought. A new bracket was bent and then brought to "eye level" of the Nikon. The mounting holes, I took 1-1 from the old mounting brackets.

Done and it works.

All in all it cost me the angle finder 15, - Euro. I know that one of a BIG angle viewfinder for the D700 can get a much lower cost than Nikon, but the cumbersome mounting remains the same.