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Road conditions

The road conditions in Iceland you can actually - until the National Road 1, the highway to Keflavik and various other routes - more bad as good. Careful driving is obvious, especially for oncoming traffic. In a bombed stubborn Leadfoot on the accelerator with one stone chip only each other. Therefore, down from the gas, if oncoming traffic, if only out of consideration to other road users.

I myself am already come into the situation that I had to dodge oncoming traffic at a slightly more rapid on the runway edge and came into rubble! Success of a defective tire, a lot of nervous excitement and discomfort, whether I need a new tire or if it can repaired. Here is a praise to Icelandic car mechanic who can still repairing. Three times I needed a car repair shop in Iceland and visit with all I have to say here is still better than repaired. When a tire is damaged but once on the flank, as can be, even the best mechanic to do anything more. then such an event has occurred, a replacement part, speak in exotic Tyre size or absence of the goods, an import necessary, it is quite expensive. According to Icelandic legislation will be levied on the transportation duties. It really is well advised to set up his driving style so that there is no damage.

It is me in his travels as far as possible the tank no more than half empty drive (if you're an optimist, then it's half full). It is to be understood but not that filling stations are few and very rare. They are by no means, but not every gas station is open all year round and many service stations handle the increasing payments from a credit card. When do you get to the last drop of fuel to a gas station and can then fill up anyway - not for the reasons - the situation is already uncomfortable and angry.

If you want to be informed in more detail about the road of individual streets, you go to the link (in English) http://www.vegagerdin.is/english/ Around the clock and sometimes once or twice an hour here updated the road conditions.