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Rent a car in Iceland

Yes, this can be done, but the better, especially cheaper way is if you rent the car already in your own country.

But keep in mind when you select the vehicle that the insurance will pay for any damage caused by water burglary. So it makes no great sense to rent a four wheel vehicle most expensive category, then ultimately it can not go anywhere. Unless you assume full liability for this.

A good and comprehensive insurance coverage in Iceland offers the rental Holiday Auto, but their benefits can this company pay a princely sum. A Toyota Yaris beats for a stay of 21 days with a stately 1850 Euros.

Often a variation is brought into play "Buy and Sell," is meant to buy a camper here in Iceland and Mobil to sell to end his vacation trip again. I think of this method at all. You lose a lot of time with these actions, and certainly a lot of money. In a sale, you are much under time constraints, will also need to take what the market hergibt straight, much time you also do not want to lose. An unfavorable purchase is therefore inevitable even in high dimensions! When selling repeats everything, even there you are again under pressure of time, eventually you will sell at a price that prepares you absolutely no joy. By then you realize what you have paid for a block of the leg.

It is to buy an already hairy and stressful affair here at home, or selling a vehicle. Now the whole abroad, and that twice within a relatively short time. I am working on the assumption that you do not necessarily keep Icelandic language. If that is the case, do these difficulties to even.

A pleasant vacation you programmed as not determined.

Forget about all, that brings you not any benefits!

There are mistaken informations which says that one may introduce a car no longer as in the long run from three months free of duty in Iceland. This information is wrong absolutely. It is allowed after Icelandic customs regulations to introduce a vehicle in the long run from 12 months duty-free. Who would like to get to know more to that, then you will go on this link: http://www.tollur.is/default.asp?cat_id=380

With the arrival in Seydisfjörður you must say, how long you remains in Iceland to a stay and it is put down on a form, the traveller receives a duplicate (is again to be shown when you go out of Iceland).

You may not think only to the custom, the regulations of your car-insurance of your homeland are also to be importent. Ordinarily the car-insurance cover is granted with a foreign stay to most for 12 months. Nevertheless, the regulations can deviate from assurance to assurance and you better find out it before you go away on travel. Never mind if you go for tree or more months!