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Extension of stay

Extension of stay

Maybe - it could be yes - you have a lot of time for your visit to Iceland, it would be quite possible! I mean, three months tourist visas will not last! You would have to "extend". You can do this very easily, it is handled entirely in Iceland without bureaucracy.

You go with your identification papers - and your return travel documents (ticket or ferry ticket) are required - to the police, call the requested stay there or return date. Of course, your return ticket is not current on his now from you elect return date, the time being, it must not. The officials only want to see that also return papers are available, because it pays very careful here - if any result is a welfare case - that exit tickets are available. The alteration of your departure date on the ticket with the shipping company is their problem. Preferably done to the formalities of the extended stay best in Reykjavik, there is recorded, the bureaucracy and the greater experience is available.

You can also happen sometimes already at the ferry, you will be sent in the absence of a return ticket back to the ferry. One objection, said: "How should the for can see this, whether the individual has a return ticket or not, that is controlled but not at all", the matter is not fair! Controlled this will have noticed that it only as a passenger you do not!

Customs officers can see very well with the arrival of the ferry passenger lists and you do so, because then there are all phrases such as data and information on the arriving passengers, just too, whether a ticket is booked return date.

At Keflavik Airport the world's first passenger scanner has been installed. So, without that you mentioned it, her face was scanned by passing control and a possible international search command, beat the system immediately. You see, it works well with most modern methods.


You can take photos as a rule almost everything. Something is sensitive to at military installations, at least the operators (NATO forces, U.S. Army).

However, there are also other restrictions for wildlife. Any failures in breeding areas is very sensitive and penalties are the result. The auks may not even be photographed, ie, you may approach him without even, neither a photograph nor an observation. The ban is a reason, for this seabird is highly endangered and face extinction. In Iceland it is said to be only two breeding pairs! Even suspicion arises very quickly when you watch the falcons or photography. Too often it has happened before that robbery of young birds has occurred.

Note also that you may enter the land of abandoned farms, but not the house itself Under Icelandic law applies to this still considered private property, even if the houses are abandoned and deserted.

Disinfection of objects

Known to have fishing rods and their accessories, and riding clothes and accessories before leaving for Iceland to be disinfected. Supporting evidence or proof should be available. In a possible suspicion of customs officers or the absence of evidence it can happen that you have to catch up on site and measure for a small fee. Is also considered a tip for those in a hurry, which was not enough time. However, it is always better to have all this already done in the home country. Veterinarians, veterinary clinics, hospitals rarely do so. Store at newly purchased fishing and riding accessories necessarily the invoice and receipt. A disinfection is not as essential and is accepted by officials from Sun

Absolutely impossible, however, the bringing of riding gear made of leather (saddle, bridle, boots, etc.), this helps even one not further disinfection certificate. The only exception will be made here, if it is original product measure, which has never used and is still packed in original.

If you already want to disinfect your possessions in your home country, are under http://www.lbs.is/Uploads/document/eydublod/Innflutningur/Veterinary_Certificate.pdf a form to download.

The certificate of the disinfected articles shall be signed by a veterinarian to