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On this website you will see pictures:
Iceland, Gotland, Rothenburg o. d. T., Trees, Orchids, Still lifes, Cities, Landscapes, Panoramic pictures, Castles

Travel Information about Iceland
Customs check
Meals and Food
Maps, Fords
Road conditons
Higland routes
Car driving
Car Rental
Horse purchase

Photoaccessries in do-it-yourself
Tall Tripod, Angel finder for Nikon D700 (modified), Nodal point adapter

Photo practice
Clean image sensor, Lens cleaning, Lens testing

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Iceland information

Iceland information
The Flage of the Icelanders

The Flage the Icelanders The colors represent: Red for volcanoes, white and blue as the glaciers of the Ocean.

About Iceland there are plenty of reading and travel guide. To that extent my comments should serve only as a supplement. I will therefore confine itself to those things, not to mention the Guide or only in very few words.