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On this website you will see pictures:
Iceland, Gotland, Rothenburg o. d. T., Trees, Orchids, Still lifes, Cities, Landscapes, Panoramic pictures, Castles

Travel Information about Iceland
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Meals and Food
Maps, Fords
Road conditons
Higland routes
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Photoaccessries in do-it-yourself
Tall Tripod, Angel finder for Nikon D700 (modified), Nodal point adapter

Photo practice
Clean image sensor, Lens cleaning, Lens testing

Icelandic special characters on the PC

If you would like to write Icelandic names on a German or other PC keyboard, you can find out, that they are not included on the keyboard. Nevertheless, one does not need despair, because about the function of special characters one can call away these signs Icelandic special characters (with key combination), pronunciation [in clips]:

Icelandic special characters (with keyboard-combination), pronunciation [in clips]:

Ð (Alt 0208) [like engl. the]
ð (Alt 0240)
Þ (Alt 0222) [like engl. father]
þ (Alt 0254)
Æ (Alt 0198) [like engl. I]
æ (Alt 0230)