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Public Holidays in the year 2011

1 January New Year's Day
6 January Epiphany
23 April Maundy Thursday
22 April Good Friday
24 April Easter Day
25 April Easter Monday
21 April First Day of Summer
1 May May Day
13 May Mothers' Day
2 June Ascension
12 June Whit Sunday
13 June Whit Monday
17 June Icelandic National Day
1 August Commerce Day
24 December Christmas
25 December First day of Chrismas
26 December Sekond day of Chrismas
31 December New Year's

Holidays english/icelandic

Holiday - english - Holiday - icelandic -
New Year`s Day Nýàrsadagur
Epiphany Þrettandìnn
Woman`s Day Konudagur
Maundy Thursday Sk`rdagur
Good friday Föstudagurinn langi
Easter Day Pàskadagur
Easter Monday Annar ì p`skaum
First Day of Summer Summardagurinn fyrsti
May Day Verkalýðsðagurinn
Mothers Day Mæðrardagurinn
Ascension Uppstigningardagur
White Sunday Hvìtasunnudagur
Whit Monday Annar ì hvìtasunnu
Icelandic National Day L`yðveldisdagurinn
Commerce Day Frìdagur verslunarmannu
Chrismas Day Jòl
First Day of Chrismas First Jòladagur
Sekond Day of Chrismas Ananð jòladagur
New Year`s Eve Gamlàrskvöld