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Customs controls

The customs controls are thoroughly in Iceland, but not vexatious. In the high season it may be that only the spot controls. One can say however that residential and mobile homes, but also all-terrain vehicles are controlled more closely and always thorough.

While at a deadweight of food - if it goes beyond the authorized amount of 3 kg, not too much - largely generous manner, we speak of just under two pounds in extra weight tolerance, no one knows for alcohol indulgence. With discovery of a smuggling alcohol can all be very, very expensive. It will then be cleared of all alcohol consumption that is a threshold of 1 liter, it no longer! The tax is levied in addition, 24.5% for alcohol. So fine, customs fees, payment of high value-added tax, to the deleted exemption ..., as I said, it can be very expensive. According to Icelandic law, you are then convicted as!

Do not be misled by stories such as "I am so often been in Iceland, have been controlled but never". The truth, whether it's really been like that, you can not control anyway. Just to build on those stories and then led it to be one or the other is more take foolish. The controls are there ... and sometimes more intense, sometimes less intense.

My recommendation:

Adhere to the approved amounts and risk getting nothing. It would be really not good to stand out here and be caught and his holiday trip to debit the same to such a negative experience!

Should you take more of approved amounts, I am speaking of food, alcohol, anyway makes no sense because there are the huge high customs fees, report clear the goods by the Customs at. Per kilo of excess weight you pay customs fees 110 ISK (about 0.80 €) where we have said, with two kilos of extra weight moves once largely generous. The calculation is quite complicated because the Vörugjöld meter-long (list of individual products) is used, then there is the collection of this tax. In this respect, the said sum of 110 ISK is only an approximate value and to be treated with caution. I have also already seen that tax collectors in a notification concerning additional weight of 7 pounds of food, only a little deliberated and then walked toward the passenger and said, "you have registered your goods properly. We set the value by 0.00 ISK on. We wish you a pleasant holiday.

Even this can happen, 7 pounds extra weight and not registered ... I think there were not so sure come unscathed.


If you take food, you pay attention to it - if it concerns milk products like butter, cheese or milk - that also a clear marking exists with the word: Pasteurises!

If this is not the case, it can happen that this food may not be accepted and not be introduced. Then the other way is a destruction!

Oh yes, almost I would have forgotten it, the costs of the destruction must pay of course you. This still comes.

My advice to you: Take best of all only nothing at all with in this kind of food.

The customs clearance of alcohol is quite difficult. Basis of alcohol content, the following formula is as follows: "vol.% Minus 2.25%" muliplied by 52.8 ISK per vol. % Plus the value, add then there is the tax of 24.5%. A bottle of wine over and above the approved amount, calculated the Icelandic customs with about 600 to 700 ISK. The bottle is thereby taxed in volume to 0.75 liters. My information desk, however, is not so "up to date"! It may be that this has changed. If you absolutely want to know more details on this http://www.bitd.org/Download.aspx?ID=213 on Icelandic customs requirements, which was recommended this link:

Here is a link to customs and immigration regulations: http://www.tollur.is/default.asp?cat_id=301