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Caredriving in Iceland

All year round it is a duty that during the day with dipped headlights must be driven no matter whether you are in a place or outside a place. For visitors by foreign vehicle a nationality sign is a duty. Otherwise the general regulations are valid to a great extent like safety duty, namely on all seats. The speed inside towns and villages is limited to 50 km/h, 90 km/h are permitted outside, however, only on asphalted streets otherwise with unfastened streets to only 80 km/h. If you are on the move even by a vehicle with follower, is valid even on asphalted streets a restriction of the maximum speed on 80 km/h.

It is a matter specific features with the parking of your car to follow: A no parking exists by discontinuous yellow line mark of the street edge, a hold ban is valid with pulled through yellow line. Also a no parking is also valid 20 metres before and after a bus stop as well as 10 metres before and after street inlets.

There is not a regulation for carrying along with of a Warning one or Signal waistcoat in Iceland. However, it is to be led, nevertheless, if at all possible well such a Signal waistcoat always with itself, only already to your own security.

Basically any traffic violations are higher avenged in Iceland than in your homeland. The punishments are particularly high if "off Road" is driven. Driving on is meant by distances beyond the stated highland routes and runways. One reacts here extremely sensitively and knows no forbearance. At some places the humus layer on the ground amounts to only few centimetres. Lanes which are then up to the rock stamped keep up to thirty years. The punishments for drunkenness are similarly high also at the wheel.

The police takes the money by any offence against the traffic rules immediately there and then. Enclosed a small extract of the penalty register to show you what expects you by traffic offence.

- Disregard of the light duty (all streets): 60 € -
- Mobile phone at the wheel without handsfree arrangement: from 35 € -
- Alcohol at the wheel (thousandth border: 0.5): to 1300 € -
- Excess of the speed of 6-10 km/h: ab 31 € -
- Excess of the speed of 20 km/h: 130 € -
- Disregard of the red traffic light: from 200 € -
- Overhauling prohibition ignores: from 125 € -
- Wrong park: from 20 € -

In a journey to Iceland - it could be - you have, depending on how it the timetable of the ferry is economical, perhaps, also a stay on the Faroer-Isle. Pay attention in particular there embarrassingly exactly to your speed. An excess of the allowed maximum speed about 30 km/h causes without fail the move of your driving licence (driving licence). You can copy their Iceland stay then first of all, unless, you have a front seat passenger aboard who is in the possession of this vehicle paper.

Traffic sign - english Traffic sign - isländisch
Parking place Bifreidastædi / Bílastædi
No parking Bifreidastædi bönnud
One-way-street Einstefna
Danger Hætta
Attention Varúd
forbidden bannad
Passage forbidden Adgangur bannadur
Confusing point Blindhæd / Blindhædir
Single lane bridge Einbreid brú
Single-track surface einbreitt slitlag
Bad way, just for all-terrain vehicles illfær vegur
End of the asphalt surface malbik endar
New asphalt surface nylögd klædning
Rivers without bridges óbrúadar ár
Bad road seinfarinn vegur
Danger of accident slysasvædi
Stop stans
Navigable route torleidi
off limits lokad
Gradient brekka
Detour vegarlykkja