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Camping and tents in Iceland

The camping places (about 100 places) are extremely simply equipped in Iceland as a rule. You may expect comfort to yourself not too very much. There are few exceptions on well furnished camping places, but these camp sites is very low. There is not hot water on most camp sites virtually. Every now and then no seat and table opportunities also exist on the camping places, then one must improvise something. Also the sanitary arrangements not always are in such a way as one wishes it on a well equipped camp site. Every now and then there are sanitary arrangements where no differentiation takes place between little man and little woman and therefore only communal toilets exist.

I have found the social rooms where you can take your food protected before wind and weather in a roofed space in completely Iceland only twice (Hella and Reykjavik). The fees of the camp sites are very different. They sway so possibly between 600 and 1200 ISK. Finally you can say: Expect yourselves not too a lot in comfort on an Icelandic camp site! Before all things you do not assume the same standard like in Germany or another European land of the western hemisphere. Free tents and camping are permitted in Iceland, provided that you do not do it in a nature reserve or yourselves on cultured or managed ground (arable land, meadows, agricultural lands are meant) lower. Also close to camping places a camping is not permitted.

All in all, the tents are an inexpensive alternative for an Iceland stay, indeed, nevertheless, you must also calculate with various weahter as violent wind, rain and moisture partly frosty nights etc.

To the explanation

against a lot of insecurity and other opinions whether free tents are permitted in Iceland the answer is yes: It is permitted, it is to say, still!

Nevertheless, the trend goes - politically and administratively - indiscutable to a ban. It is only a question of the time, when such a ban is moved.

Why does the trend towards a NO go?

Because the things increasingly to running out and the problems such as environmental damage and impurities of the landscape accumulate themselves.

Perhaps you can against-steer as Iceland visitors, a little environmentally consciously and give no occasion, by treating nature carefully.

- no driving off roads in the landscapes -

- your camp site, leave cleanly and purely -

- no garbage or refuse in the scenery leave behind -