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USB is not recognised

As a general rule spotting the computer a USB-Drivebetter, when it is allready pluged in on the start. This particulary by USB-Sticks which often pluged out and pluged in.

We proceed in addition as follows: Over the button start we go into system control on administration with one let us doubleclick.

Their window would have to look now in approximately so.

In the dialogue box opened now the entry data media administration (completely outside left) receives also one doubleclicks. In the box appearing on it our alleged drive assembly, which is not recognized, are then all attached drive assemblies listed, also. If we with the mouse now on ours " not recognized drive" drive and the right mouse button with one click provided, then a Popmenu opens. As the first entry drive assembly letter and paths appear change. After a further click appears then the following box.

Here it is valid to then assign a drive assembly letter to the mentioned drive assembly with the button adding and with ok. abzuklicken. If this happened, then everything should actually be again correct and recognize the drive assembly.