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On this website you will see pictures:
Iceland, Gotland, Rothenburg o. d. T., Trees, Orchids, Still lifes, Cities, Landscapes, Panoramic pictures, Castles

Travel Information about Iceland
Customs check
Meals and Food
Maps, Fords
Road conditons
Higland routes
Car driving
Car Rental
Horse purchase

Photoaccessries in do-it-yourself
Tall Tripod, Angel finder for Nikon D700 (modified), Nodal point adapter

Photo practice
Clean image sensor, Lens cleaning, Lens testing

Sie sind hier:  Around the PC

I the PC runs so long is everything ok. If it strikes however, then you stands more dumb there for it. I want to set once there, if the PC remains completely dark, if thus nothing at all more goes. First suspecting is then that a hardware component said good-bye. The acceptance is once not at all so wrong only, but which one is here defectively gone. With the multiplicity of the inserted components only once a not completely easy venture.

I try once so well it go to the particular a manual and/or an approach here giving. As already said, it is not completely easily here immediately "Troublemaker" to make.

You surely already noticed it, I made myself a fun with you!