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Black screen

At first I would introduce once a CMOS RESET. This managing you best when you take out the battery for about 30 seconds from your mounting plate and put dem again back.

Then start the PC again.

If the problem black screen is still anymore >>>>> Zero method test rig!

Before you are beginning.

Look first that you have the computer switch off. The components you will only plug in or take out must be in a out of service.

When the monitor-display is longer black, the is a more exakt checkup necessary. Look for all cable, if they have a correct contact, even is to look for damages (breaking points or smoke spoors). Also the cable of the harddisk is to watch. Also the graphic card you should see for correct contact.

This managing you best like this:

Only the components CPU, CPU-Cooling and the Motherboard is on. ALL cable take away, ALL cards and RAM take away. Very importend, that the cable for EXTRA-CURRENT-CONNECTOR next to beside the CPU is pluged in. Speaker must be on.

Now the computer switch on and to hark, if peeps are comming.

I not ....>>>> then the motherboard or the CPU faillure!

If there are beeps, then watch and memorize the kind and subaudio frequenzy. Switch off the computer and plug in the RAM.

Now start again the computer.

There comming not peeps ....>>>> RAM is pluged wrong.

There are beeps, .... >>>> but the subaudio frequency is not changing >>>> RAM is faillure.

The sound of peeps has changed. Memorize the kind and subaudio frequenzy. Switch off the computer and plug in the graphic card.

Start again the computer.

There are peeps. Graphic card .... >>>> is faillure. No screen .... >>> graphic card is faillure.


I would like to say that the Zero method test rig of your computer goes on your own risk.

I take over no guarantee and also no liability for caused damages or secondary damages.