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On this website you will see pictures:
Iceland, Gotland, Rothenburg o. d. T., Trees, Orchids, Still lifes, Cities, Landscapes, Panoramic pictures, Castles

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Photoaccessries in do-it-yourself
Tall Tripod, Angel finder for Nikon D700 (modified), Nodal point adapter

Photo practice
Clean image sensor, Lens cleaning, Lens testing

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about me

I take pictures since my youth. Until a few years I have photographed only with the "old traditional" miniature cameras.

The transition to the digital camera I took until very late. Reasons were the most so far is not very satisfactory and convincing picture quality, but here is the digital camera technology caught up powerful. Although it is still a slight lead of the analog is present, but it is increasingly less!

Today I can say that I am using a digital camera makes photography more fun than with the analog camera.

The reasons for this are simple:

>>> The pictures are immediately available and viewable
>>> Image details, I can even choose or later make
>>> The imaging quality is largely in my hands

Another reason not to be overlooked is the fact that photo shops are increasingly less able to provide a service for analogue cameras. Really understand, because analog is a dying art!

Films, there will be safe for some time, but somehow also is the end in sight. Movies to buy stock ...! Not necessarily a good idea, with the durability of the films the lesser problem. Again, how long will they still give the development of institutions for color films?